Don't Block NY Building 

This coalition consists of nearly 50 statewide and regional business and economic development leaders who are urging state lawmakers to ensure prosperity and competitive jobs for all New Yorkers. When state lawmakers provide a level playing field, New York businesses and workers can build a future we all can be proud of.


That also means opposing measures like expanding the definition of public work, which would mean that almost all construction projects in the state would cost up to 25% more due to prevailing wage! That means fewer projects and fewer jobs.



Don’t Block NY Building aims to encourage economic development throughout New York State while supporting fair, competitive wages. This can be achieved by encouraging public-private partnerships to ensure New York remains competitive and attractive for future growth. With a level playing field, more jobs will be created and more investment in development and construction will be spur greater economic opportunity for all New Yorkers. 


What's at Stake

Legislation currently being considered in Albany — S.1947 (Ramos) / A.1261 (Bronson) — would dramatically increase the cost of current and future construction and development projects in New York. With this added cost, fewer projects will be built, economic development would undoubtedly suffer and there will be fewer jobs for New Yorkers.


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